I went to the cancer center and talked to Dr. Chanin on 2/10. The doctor was kind enough to spend time with me to review my bone scan with contrast on the computer screen. The latest scan shows many "spots" or cancer sites in my thoracic spine and a few on the ribs on the right side. He pulled up a 2008 scan which did not show any of these spots. The cancer is clearly progressing so he put be back on chemo using taxotare which is the same drug he used previously. I had my first treatment in the new series on 2/10. He said the primary problem was that the cancer would make my bones more selectable to fracture. I guess my ladder climbing days are over.

Today I am having the tiredness and lack of appetite symptoms of chemo I want to work outside in this beautiful weather but I just feel like lying down for an afternoon nap so that’s what I did.